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Any ghetto black person. Not racist at all. A typical person in Detroit. A rapper.
Person 1: I'm from Detroit.
Person 2: Then you're a nigger!

Person 3: I'm black, and from the ghetto.
Person 4: Nigger.
by Dodgersrule April 28, 2007
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The only reason California gets so much attention is because so many people live there. If it didn't have 50 billion people, then there wouldn't be all these shitty definitions. The only reason that this will get lots of thumbs-down is because of all those apologistsIt sucks. No seasons. Ghetto. Sunshine, but never snow (never mind that you can go into the mountains). Polluted coast line. Gay people everywhere.
California men (all are gay):

If your favorite sports team won a title, then they rub their cocks all over each other.

California chicks (sexy, but lesbian):

Actually, it's typical for those hot, yet faggish, chicks to rub their tits and vaginas on each other, even if something bad happens.
by Dodgersrule April 28, 2007
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