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Military abbreviation for: "Return to base"
"Alpha 1, BASE here, mission accomplished!"
"Roger that, RTB"
by DoctorFred February 25, 2007
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Also called glider, sailplanes are defined such a way because they can fly without engine thrust. Further infoes I've written down for the word: "glider".

In Flight Simulator you can fly a sailplane.
In real life you are supposed to fly gliders.
by DoctorFred February 25, 2007
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1) A very light aircraft, also called sailplane without engine thrust. It needs to be lifted up by a small prop aircraft. Once it is at a sufficent altitude, the cable used for lifting up is detached from its nose and the glider flies freely. In order to maintain its altitude, glider pilots use to catch the so called lifting or ascending windstreams, usually generated by hot air moving up to clouds, and mountainous landscapes.

2)Usually told about an aircraft who has lost any thrust because of engine failure or running out of fuel.
1) "A good pilot should be able to fly gliders (sailplanes) before he flies an engine airplane."

2) "DELTA 2, Bingo fuel! RTB"
...after a while...
"DELTA 2, we're gliders!"
"BASE to DELTA 2, uncorrect, you're fucked up!"
by DoctorFred February 25, 2007
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