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A really really STUPID website that is only read by tween to are wrapped around Miley Cyrus's fat finger.

That site is constantly stalking the latest celebrity that their audience is talking about. The audience ranges of idiots between the ages of 9-17 who are complete big mouths and know-it-alls.
Oceanup is like a country, with states that fight with eachother.
You have your huge MileyCyursLoving/SelenaGomezHating state, your smart DemiLovatoLoving state, the JonasBrothersLoving state, the small SelenaGomezLoving state, and the extremely tiny ILoveThemAll and IHateThemAll states.

This site proves that Miley Cyrus fans are annoying as fuck, and will attack you with the rest of their pack with comments such as "STOP HATING BITCH" and SHE IS HBIC" even if you say "I dislike Miley Cyrus." , whereas they will go "SELENA HOMEZ SUCKS" and "SELENA HOMEZ HAS A BIG HEAD" .

A total double standards website.

If Tim, the Oceanup owner, one day bans comments, I will literally laugh my ass off. NO MORE ARGUING FOR THE ANNOYING TEENYBOPPERS.

The ONLY way the won't argue is if the subject is on PMSing.
"Have you been on Oceanup today? That last post was soooo lame!"
"Ugh, No. I don't go on that raggety useless mileyloving site anymore. They all suck. False information alll the time."

"Whatever. It's fun to see people waste their time on celebrities who dont give a shit."
"I'm still not gonna go on. "
by djdanjaaax21 July 01, 2009
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Nick Jonas' (typo) way of saying "Love".
I loge you!
by DjDanjaaax21 September 08, 2010
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