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The feeling a girl gets when a guy rubs his semi-chub against her back, usually while spooning.
Dude, everytime I give her the Dickle Tickle she tries to slip it in her ass. She loves it!
by Dirty Mike and the boys July 12, 2012

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Someone who hates anything mainstream, rejects most of society, and listens to indie music. Most hipsters feel their ideas are independent, regardless of mass amount of hipsters who share the same ideas. Their fashion generally includes cloths that do no match, and large framed glasses. They wear these glasses regardless of necessity, and mostly for looks. Some may argue that their fashion resembles that of a hobo. They mostly rant about mainstream stuff, like music and cloths.
Example 1:
Hipster: "A day to remember is too mainstream, listen to (insert band no one has heard of because it probably sucks here)"
Me: "Fuck you stupid hipster the music is still good."

Example 2:
Man: "How you fellers doing? We were about to have us a little screw party here in this red prius over here, if you wanna join us."
Man 2: "No you're not going any where near that prius, okay?
Man: "here's what we're talking about, we're talking about a bunch of (hipsters), with their finger in each others pooper, in a strangers car, with talk radio turned up really loud. it's gonna be a nice evening."
Man 2: "Well we're not participating in that. We have no interest."
Man: "Let me rephrase it. We got a jar of old mustard, and we got a poodle, and we're just gonna get in there, and put some D's in some A's."
by Dirty Mike And The Boys February 23, 2012

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