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A.k.a. Reggaeton Cubano. It's reggaeton by Cuban artists. It's not exactly the same as puerto rican reggaeton. It's influenced a lot by the Cuban culture and the beats aren't really similar to the Boricuas' one. It talks about girls and party most of the time. Very good music but not very well known outside the country because Cuba is a kind of prison island. The two more popular artists at this time are El Medico and Candyman, even if there is a lot of them. The dance of this music is very sensual and dirty at the same time and it's called perreo, as for Puerto Rican reggaeton.
Hoy hay un party cubatoooon... Llama las nenas pas perrear y tirarlas hasta el piso!
by DirrtyDawg June 25, 2005
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