A complete fanny (Vagina (Most of world), not Ass (US) ) who is small and inconsequential in nature, like a small turd nugget , or that some would call a 'clinker'. A pussy clinker. I piece of poo shoved up the wrong hole.
Q- Look at that girl, does she even know that the dress she is wearing is from last season?
A - Bitch, you a fudnugget!

Q - Ye ken whit a mean maggie, int that bitch a fuckin hag fir tellin me tae go piy fae ma ain taxi
A - Oi, yoo ya wee slag, get tae fuck ya fudnugget.

Q - Ja, kyk wat daar poes doen, hy is so dronk, sal ek pis op his kop?
A - Nie maneer, jy is nog a fudnugget!
by Dingus McFlaggan March 28, 2017
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