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It’s a known stereotype that farmers in New Zealand experiment with bestiality, especially with goats, this sexual technique can be used when someone wants to have the sensation of having sex with livestock but doesn’t want to commit bestiality.

When a man and woman engage in dogie style or anal sex. The man precedes to grip and squeeze the woman’s breasts (like he’s milking a goat) while she makes sounds mimicking a goat. This could also be with two females or two males (one with man boobs)
Woman: Gosh my tits are sore, that’s the last time I let him try the New Zealand Goat Farmer
by Dingle123 October 07, 2007

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When one’s fingers are so fat (or large) they routinely hit the wrong buttons on small devices like cell phones or mp3 players. This was made famous in a Simpson’s episode when Homer became so obese; the phone prompted him to order a special “Dialing Wand” in order to make calls.
“I hate these new cell phones; the buttons are so compact I keep sausage fingering”

“Occasionally I’ll get a call from people who have sausage fingered when trying to call up the local pizza place.”
by Dingle123 August 06, 2008

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A way of describing something as: crappy, shitty, trashy, poor quality, lame, weak, or doodoo like.
“Did you see that guy’s car, it’s falling apart and covered in rust, it’s so doodoo magoo.”
by Dingle123 August 06, 2008

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