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An attractive underaged girl that is also rather cute. Similar to jailbait and lolita. Babybait is generally considered younger than jailbait, and more innocent than lolita.
Aw, see those little baby baits over there?!
by DimiT April 06, 2010
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'Hair bra' (also spelled 'hairbra') is a term used when a girl covers her naked breasts with her hair, as to prevent seeing her nipples, often deliberately.
- "I would have seen her full frontal if she hadn't wore a hair bra!"
- "You know, that's why I like short-haired girls..."
by DimiT April 06, 2010
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1) An attractive girl's butt;
2) Picture of an attractrive girl showing her ass, either nude or partially nude, as opposed to boob bait;
3) Example of jailbait that is especially attractive because of her well-formed behind.
Look at that lil' ass! She's definitely some good moonbait! I wonder, though, what her boobies look like.
by DimiT April 06, 2010
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