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Intranational is a word redescribing an old obsolete? word -'international'. An idea for reversing these after mixing with French rappers talking about l'inverse. Keep it undracover? No-one would like people to know about their material status? Ovra-drawn? Undra-ground scene? It seems like old terms keep people circulating white blocky kind of white stone jargon? The Undraworld is known in South America as caves undraneath ground. More to come (Thex3) Joe - (Thex3) Crow.
There was this guy in an old thing called folklore called Finn MacCool - a giant^2 story character - went jumping between Islands and now I don't like going out as a lager lout - guiness - Kentish hop beer - Kentish White Wine? I tried undrastyle and figured out I could go intranational without causing a big scene? Nice. Good.
by DiggerMan January 5, 2013
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To Mr. Belvedere means to excrete something that need to be cleaned up. It can be cum, shit or other bodily fluid or function.
I Mr. Belvedered myself.
by DiggerMan March 16, 2009
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