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Name for very beautiful ladies who are kind and sweet and usually make other people really insecure. Intimidates other people because of her beauty . All the men want her and all girls want to be her. Very unique like her name and very artistic and hardworking. She's a heart breaker and has an amazing personality. When she wants something she gets it. She makes any other girl look less next to her and turns everyone's head when she walks in. She has a a lot of crazy in her but is shy when you first meet her. Usually has amazing breasts no matter what size. amazing eyes and lips and long legs. Beautiful just like the hawaiin flower nobody ever forgets a Leilani.
"WOW she's so beautiful" "Her name is Leilani"
by DictionaryOfNamesWorldWide June 05, 2015

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A beautiful girl who's usually insecure and very intelligent. Too nice and attracts any kind of man. Likes mangos and laying on the beach. Very good sense of style and she's seems quiet and shy but once you really know her she gets comfortable around you and shows her wild crazy funny side. She's very caring especially with those she cares about. Very nervous when it comes to flirting. You'll never meet someone like her because she is one of a kind like the flower alheli
Who's that girl? She's so intimidating? Oh, that's alheli
by DictionaryOfNamesWorldWide April 13, 2015

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