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Diarrhea of such an extreme and explosive nature as to render the inside of one's toilet bowl like a concave representation of a Jackson Pollock painting.

May be the result of extremely poor and unfortunate dietary decisions, (very) excessive beer consumption, invasive organisms, or simply God's way of communicating "His love" for you.

Not to be misconstrued as "important" or "avant-garde art."
Pollock the Porcelain: verb

"Steve-o really pollocked the porcelain this morning. It's been a real disaster zone. Impossible to clean up. Try putting THAT on one of those 'Oxy-Clean' infomercials."
by Dick Gazzina May 06, 2007

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Fear of ass clowns. Sometimes referred to as Rectacoulrophobia. While there is no cure, there is help. And, where there's help, there's hope.
Steve-o has a really extreme case of Proctocoulrophobia. It's really taken over his life. He's shunned all his friends, and rarely leaves his house. He fears being just one step away from total ass clown devastation.
by Dick Gazzina May 09, 2007

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