3 definitions by Dick Tonium

American/British origin:

The act of reneging from a sensible argument into a name calling/pissing match.
I WAS having what seemed to be a sensible conversation, then he pulled a Joe 90 on me and it descended into an uncultured, rude, pissing match.
by Dick Tonium August 28, 2014
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The nickname given to a homosexual who brags about being the giver and not the receiver in a relationship.

Also known in the UK as (Mr. Nicknotnicked)
Well if Mr. Dicknotdicked would deal with his heterosexual tendencies, maybe he

would get on bottom and fulfill his side of this poofter relationship.
by Dick Tonium July 29, 2014
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I thought I was gold.

Then I found out I was plutonium:(
by Dick Tonium July 27, 2014
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