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The ambiguous dish responsible for shitty smells found in low-cost inner-city apartment buildings.
After a long walk home from work the last thing I need is to get off the elevator and smell my floor's minority soup of the day.
by Diarrhea Farmer June 09, 2016

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The act of vigorously scrubbing one's anus, usually with hot soapy water, to clean it of leftover fecal matter. It is more a practical technique than a pleasurable one, although some people find it serves the dual purpose.
The toilet paper at the resort was of poor quality so I had to hop in the shower and do a quick knuckle scrub before going to dinner.
by Diarrhea Farmer January 12, 2015

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An amalgam of the words "feminist" and "barrista" because those are the only two things you'll be qualified to do with a degree in Women's Studies.
Lots of feministas working at Starbucks these days. Perhaps they should tighten their hiring standards a bit more.
by Diarrhea Farmer July 18, 2015

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