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A woman who worries more about her soul than her shoes. A state of bliss offten achieved by living life for the next generation. A shoe in for the honorary bridal path to the gold giver.
That woman is divine. She is a genuine gold getter.
by Diamondone November 06, 2006

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one day, we shall all fall, to our knees some, others to what they fear, in that moment every mind, will share, and dreams will become what we see, no power will inhibit our beleif, everything the present participle, will persist and be understood. air will breathe and fire will ignite. and then...she will be the past participle, and we will dance for eternity.
pray the opposite of high and low frequency, sound mind control.
by DiamondOne June 05, 2006

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Two paths diverge in a wood, we see one (wo)man walk twoards herself/himself, and (s)he says "egoI walk this path"

, we see two stars float along a trail and they say "{ego}we walk this path"
Ego to take and want what i please.

Ego to take and want what >+< please.
by Diamondone January 06, 2007

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wood pulp paper,
wools counterpart
go to the mall and buy another cotton item to add to your already extensively neglected wardrobe.
by DiamondOne June 10, 2006

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a soldiers clothing, and he arms himself with the hair of the lamb
wool sells well in times of war
by DiamondOne June 10, 2006

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