10 definition by Deshawn Thomas

when you take out your ghetto ass old phone that dosent filp and beat the shit out of someone
After Nikkil wallet smacked me I wanted to phone smack him back, but since my phone dosent flip I had to phone beat him
by Deshawn Thomas January 31, 2006

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someone who is so foxy its intoxicating, often used sarcastically
Easy Jeesy: You have some serious foxoholics on your datamatch
Great White Hope: I know man these girls are all uglyer than most chaquias
Deshawn: put that shit on urban its genius
by Deshawn Thomas February 14, 2006

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what white people call their favorite black people that they know but aren't friends with. In most cases it the black person who hasnt stolen anything out of their gym locker
White guy 1: Rudy is my nigga
White guy 2: get off his nuts
White guy 1: dude, he is fukink hilarious and he has not stolen anything out of my gym locker
White guy 2: true
White Guy 1: double true
by Deshawn Thomas January 31, 2006

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