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Doraemon is a Japanese anime/manga series created by the late Hiroshi Fujimoto. It is set in Tokyo in the 70s and 80s and centers on the never-growing ten-year-old Nobita Nobi whose life is forever changed by the arrival of a robot cat from the 22nd century. Doraemon is the name of the robot cat, with Dora- derived from Dorayaki, a particular desert that Doraemon is fond of, and -mon comes from the Japanese term for monster.
Doraemon enjoys unrivaled popularity in much of East Asia, but is rarely known on this side of the Pacific. It is a kids show, created for kids and fares well in that purpose, but it also has a nostagic quality that appeals to kids who have grown to adults. Containing only comical violence, no foul language, and minimal nudity which is never the focus of the story, it is a harmless and endearing show that portryas the life of a child as it should be.
Doraemon is one of my fondest memories of my childhood.
by Demi&Kain September 19, 2006
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Naruto is a Japanese anime/manga series by Masashi Kishimoto, about the struggle of a boy to become the best ninja. It is also a series that exemplifies why much of this genre is for kids:

a. Kids running amok without parental supervision are responsible for restoring world peace

b. An average kid can become the best by luck (which crosses with c and d)

c. An average kid can suddenly wake up to the value of hard work and surpass everyone who has worked harder for many years

d. Consistent grudge against/negative portryal of prodigies

e. Good guys survive all adversity because they are defined as good guys

f. Violence is noble in the name of righteousness (which crosses with g and h)

g. Physical strength is the panacea for all evils of the world

h. A powerful secret organization/entity/community is responsible for all the evils of the world

Even though it tries hard to pass itself as sophisticated by adding gratuitous violence, foul language, and other objectionable themes, the series, by the aforementioned limitations and many more, is still best classified as kids entertainment.

Naruto is an anime for kids.
by Demi&Kain September 19, 2006
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