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1973 was year that up until now had no definition.
by Dehoniesto February 20, 2018
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When a creature capable of flight picks up an animal, flies up high into the air and drops the animal to it's doom below. It gets it's name from the gory explosion caused when most creatures fall from an incredible height, which almost looks like a firework of blood and guts that was launched downward at the ground from up high.
Some birds struggle with the powerful defenses of turtles, so rather than piercing them they decide to pull a reverse firework and then just eat whatever is left.
by Dehoniesto December 15, 2020
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The tard verson of vape nation.
"Is Carl vaping over there?"
Carl: (Throws up N V)
Basically nape vation is vape nation for people who make the symbol backwards.
by Dehoniesto March 6, 2018
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Yet another year I must define but I will not do it twice in a row

Wow there is no definition for 1967!
by Dehoniesto February 20, 2018
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