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Lebanon is a great country, it is the only country where ugly people can bang beautiful girls, its number 1 on the tourism list of Saudi people..Lebanese citizens have so many interests in life. womans main priority there is to enlarge their breasts and lips, speak the invented freshorabic wear trendy sunglasses.
men objectives are proportional to womans interests, the non fagot men are less than 10%,they think democracy is bullshitting and cursing certain ministers in the government.and all Lebanese citizens share 1 thing in common, blaming syria for their mis fortunate life events.
tony : hey there a sheep attacked my mom yesterday and banged her 10 times till death.
johnny : i am certain that it's a syrian sheep.

fahad : i am tired of banging saudi dudes in the ass
abdullah : lets go to lebanon, you can bang any sex there and you wont even know if its a man or a woman.
by Deformation September 07, 2007
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