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A very fat lovable smurf who lives in the enchanted forest of chicken. he gets a goat called declan to lick his asshole while singing opera and playing with jude.
He likes to eat dolphin that Dee never fucking brings in for me and won't gimme my euro back :@
He loves to ride nevin the irish lepracawn through the forest of tiddly fi fo fum while singing irish dittys.
He needs to cop on and get his freak on with deckers the lovable goat with a peanut butter jelly fettish.
Bumsie also sells sea shells.... at discount prices
and will run over your dog with his tractor for £50. He will then take photos on his iphone 3g cause it cannot video but hey... the 3gs blows up so you know....
He rapes chickens for fun and enjoys getting covered in oil and getting careson the care bear style ogre to lick it all off.
He thinks that chraigy poo likes him but really craig wants bumsie to shove his fist up his own arse.
Bumsie loves to fuck his musical instruments and he once nearly got his wee wee stuck in his iphones headphone jack but it was small enough to slip out.
Bumsie featured in episode 51 of south park when he was raped by micheal jefferson. He is made up and a product off josh stone/
OMG bumsie i though micheal jefferson killed you

No he copped on and only raped me

by Deckersthegoat April 12, 2010
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