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When you are banging a girl from behind and you get your thumb all the way up her ass. Then as you wiggle it you can get her to make a variety of different sounds just like a puppet.
Yeah I hooked up with some strange the other night and surprised her with the thumb puppet. She squealed like the pig she was.
by Decals January 30, 2014
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The scenario is such that you have a kiss and a promise from your old lady but you are not confident that she will deliver later on. So you have the forethought to masturbate in the morning so if it dosent work out with her later you don't become a testosterone filled mad man. So contrary to a double header which would require one to have sex twice in one day this would be considered a Ground rule double should she conced to sex later on.
Person1: Hey Keith I scored a Ground rule double yesterday.

Person 2: What the hell is that?

Person 1: You know it's when you rub one off in the morning and score with the old lady at bedtime.

Person 2: Oh yeah I did that last Sunday.
by Decals March 3, 2014
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