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A President who tends to take from the upper middle class and gives to those who voted for him. A classic Robin Hood-esque story. Ex - If laid off, you get free health care (unless you make over $x); If you buy a house you get $10K (unless you make over $x) etc.
President Barack Obama is a class example of a "Robama Hood".
by Deacondawg February 24, 2009
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A cross between a Cougar and a Puma. Generally a woman in her mid-30's to early 40's who acts and dates younger than her own age. Has not had "enhancements" to her look so but is older than the younger Puma's clinging to their 20's.
Jennifer Aniston, girls behaving badly in Las Vegas (like Girls w'kend out), are examples of a "Pougar".
by Deacondawg February 09, 2009
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