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X games mode is when you or someone else does something that’s very rare or you’ve never seen in your life. It doesn’t always have to be a crazy skateboard trick or anything either. When you go x games mode your doing something that’s unusual but kinda tuff and funny at the same time.
Some kid zooming through the school in heelys:
Me: oh maw gawd!.. he on x games mode

Your dog falls of your bed and flips and still lands on his feet:
Me: oh maw gawd!.. he on x games mode

Your friend makes a stupid ass song for a science project but it’s lowkey fire but at the same time not:

Me: oh maw gawd!.. he on x games mode
by Dboss1121 January 18, 2020

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Dylan is a guy with a big penis and is skinny but really fit at the same time. Dylan's look sexy when you come by them at the pool. A Dylan can also have a variety off talents like dancing, sports, etc. A Dylan is always looking for a nice girl so they will always try to talk to or be funny around a person he likes.
(at the pool)
Girl:Omg! Is that the Dylan dude?
Other Girl: Hell yeah it is!
Girl: He is so hot!
by Dboss1121 June 11, 2017

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