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1. "Casual Gamer" - A person who plays video games on an infrequent basis. Usually these games require low time investment and can be played or discontinued on a whim.

2. "Casual" - A pejorative term used by the "gaming elite" to describe any person(s) who doesn't measure up the standards these sycophants have set for their definition of what a true gamer is. The term is becoming quite popular on forums and will no doubt replace "noob" as the new insult gamers use to insult fellow gamers.
Tom: "Dude I just logged 400 hours in FTL, and unlocked all the ships! I'm so uber l337 MLG PRO!"

Steve: "And in that amount of time I could have beaten Arkham Asylum 12 or 15 times. Why are you bragging that you wasted your time?"

Tom: "Pfff, casuals like you just don't understand."
by davidson June 22, 2014

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Noun: Any woman who uses video game/nerd culture as a means of artificially increasing her rating on the hotness scale or to obtain undeserved attention from a male audience.

She may even play mainstream games such as Halo/Gears/CoD/etc but will generally have an over inflated sense of self. This is due to the fact that many in the video game community regard moderately attractive women who game thusly: "OmG!! G1rLs Wh0 G4mE ARE HAWT!!"

These types of women will continually point back at the fact that "I play games and menstruate, and therefore, you should worship me" by doing a variety of things. Such as cosplaying or larping as the sluttiest VG character they can find.

Posting images on their blog or tumblr of them naked with only 360 controllers or Mario plushies covering their naughty bits.

Getting a video game based "tramp stamp" or other risque vg based tattoo.

Playing a popular game in a bikini, lingerie, or form fitting clothing (that may or may not contain imagery that's part of video game/geek culture). Then taking pictures of it. Then posting said pictures on the web.

If you spend more time telling people that "you're a girl who plays games" instead of "here's the games I play" you may be a faux gamer girl.

See also Cam Whore and Attention Whore
Guy1: Oh man did you see the hot gamer girl pic I sent to your email?

Guy2: You mean the cam whore in the Smash Bros. undies?
faux gamer girl ftw.
by davidson November 13, 2011

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"Teh drama"

Refers to any instance in a narrative where a dramatic event is forcefully inserted into the plot as a poor attempt to "shock" the audience or "jerk tears."

The event is often times so contrived and ridiculous that it will cause knee-jerk eye rolls and scoffs in audience members who aren't drooling fanboys or girls.

It is a tactic that is primarily seen in the web comic world.
Heather: Thank goodness we got you to the hospital after you were electrocuted by a high power line.

Marilyn: Thank you Heather. But...there's something you need to know.

Heather: What is it?

Marilyn: Before I die of...Lou Gehrig's disease...I have a confession.

Heather: Go on.

Marilyn: I'm a lesbian and I fell in love with you the first time I laid eyes on you. *Tearful blush* ---Actual example from the Spinnerette webcomic

by davidson January 12, 2012

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The grand master spy. A reliable and bad ass source of any information. The best of the best.
Dude, the party cleared otu just in time -- thanks to Face of course.
by Davidson March 08, 2003

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