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A farewell remark; most commonly used when exited a crib room or event. This word can be used in midsentence of another individual to note that he/she is leaving. Correct pronunciation cites that the vowels be sounded longer, as if hesitating on the Es for a brief moment.

A term for smoking marijuana.

An actual piece. A device used for smoking pot.

A common feeling after a smoking session. When you are pretty much peeced out of your mind from dat FIREE!

Just about every other word out of the mouth of Kevin Morrell.


What are you doin dude?! Im Peeeecin'

Im so peeced right now dude. That was fire bud.
by David Kram August 8, 2006
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A word most commonly associated with chilling and relaxing. These events sometime occur at the same time. But basically, this word was coined in essence because of the overuse of the words chill and relax. This is the modern usage of these latter terms. It has been reported that this word was first used by David Kram, a Missouri resident. Lets chillax!
Hey, do you want to come over to my crib and chillax?

Dude, chillax. You will get some tonight.
by David Kram August 8, 2006
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