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Previolsy called "marylin manson and the spooky kids". They are musically and lyrically talented artists in there own way like any artist. Thought there music is good there image is often blured by media and pop culture, often being mistaken for gothic or goth rock. Because of there scary image they are blamed for violence in society and such events. Also with the newest generation of posers often potraying them as a way to reciece instent gothic status there has been less popularity with the band.
John: hey steve, what you listening to?

steve: marylin manson... wana go get some yogurt

john: YA!!!

Orily: PwnZEd!!!!111!
by David Gio October 8, 2005
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1. A persom whom embraces the macarbeness of life

2. (singular) A person from a pre history tribe of Germans

3. A style of architecture

PS: i would just like to say, Marylin manson is not goth but shock rock, or industrial, one of those. but any who his musics still good, and you gotta love that make up :)
John: hello steve i see that you are in some form enbracing the macarbness of life.

steve: yes indeed

john: by definition you would be performing a gothic act, but not necisarly making you a goth.

steve: indeed

John: lets go burn some heretics!

steve: bahahaha burn the heretics!
by David Gio October 7, 2005
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