3 definitions by David C'

(n) A word, often a neologism, constructed by "mashing together" two or more words; The result of a concatenation of one word onto another to make a new, longer, third word usually with its own meaning.

(v) The act of constructing a word by joining two or more words into a single word.
{In these examples, "lamestream", teabagger and talabangeleist are logomashups}

The lamestream media often repeats teabagger rhetoric without analysis.

Ultra-right wing religious fanaticisms often sound like the ravings of a talabangelist.
by David C' March 27, 2010
The combination of emotion and behavior that results from a possibly feigned or genuine outrage over some slight and pouting about it like a spoiled child.
The beauty-queen was poutraged at the loss of her title after breaching her contract.
by David C' June 12, 2009
(n.) 1) a demagogical, radical-right-wing evangelical, most often Christian, that believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of God and must therefore be taken literally.

2) a right-wing Christian shill with an internet presence, frequently associated with so called "pro family" groups that rarely help real families at all, but will make up virtually anything to get people to donate money to promote narrow interpretations of scripture and repress progressive political agendas.

3) an individual that engages in bigoted attacks based on narrow interpretations of Biblical morality under the cover of ecclesiastical authority and who usually makes false claims of victimhood when challenged.

The demonizing lies, half-truths, appeals to junk-science, and outright distortions of legitimate scientific studies were typical of a Talibangelist.
His demonizing lies, half truths, appeals to junk-science, and outright distortions of legitimate science were all typical of a talibangelist.
by David C' June 15, 2009