2 definitions by David Benton

To assassinate one or more persons via a multi-million dollar weapons system. Sometimes it results in collateral damage. Usually it is not officially acknowledged. Weapon of choice by windshield cowboys.
United States acknowledged today that it had preditated a suspected terrorist in a remote area of Yeman.
by David Benton February 14, 2008
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Someone who pretends to be a horse-riding cowboy, but who actually is more at home behind the wheel of a Jeep.
President Bush may like to be seen as a swaggering cowboy, but former Mexican President Vicente Fox thinks George W. is anything but. Appearing on CNN's Larry King Live, Fox explained why he referred to Bush as a "windshield cowboy" in his new book. Said Fox: "He drives very well. But I don't think he rides horses very well."
by David Benton February 14, 2008
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