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Function: Verb
Etymology: Canadian, particular to rural areas, especially Lanark County Ontario and most of Alberta; An amalgam of the words give and her; made popular by movie "FUBAR"
1. Going all out and/or balls to the wall to take care of business as quickly and as awesomely as possible
2. Acting in a way that is like you're rocking out really hard, but at the same time, trying to solve a problem that may or may not involve drop-kicking something without hesitation
When you're trying to get your politics paper done before the office closes and plan how you're going to get drunk later on that night, and you've only got 45 minutes left to figure out both problems, and you're so pumped up that you might drop-kick your roommate because he ate all of your peanut butter - you just give'r!
by Dave D February 07, 2005
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a women's pussy or vagina
boy, that girl had a hairy love purse
by dave d November 24, 2004
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