2 definitions by Dass Booty

Common name for OverClockers AUstralia.
"I read this great post at OCAU"
"I'll see if i can get some more information about it at OCAU"
"When is Agg going to register the domain name www.ocau.com.au?"
by Dass Booty June 2, 2003
A person with no idea how to use any kind of technology. The joke is, all digital clocks, stereos, DVD players, VCRs and so on have their displays flashing 0:00 or 12:00 (twelve o'clock) because the person in question has no idea how to set the time, let alone use any other function offered.
{When standing behind someone at an ATM for a very long time} - What is taking him so long? He must be a twelve o'clock flasher..

I knew i was dealing with a twelve o'clock flasher when she put the CD in data side up.

Can you believe it?! He was trying to use his DVD-ROM to read a floppy! Bloody twelve o'clock flashers!
by Dass Booty October 27, 2003