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Common name for OverClockers AUstralia.
"I read this great post at OCAU"
"I'll see if i can get some more information about it at OCAU"
"When is Agg going to register the domain name"
by Dass Booty June 02, 2003
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Sometimes pronounced "Oh-Cow" by dyslexic folk.
Stands for "OverClockers AUstralia".
1)a place you can visit to whinge about parking offences and discuss relationshoip issues in a forum built for 2.
2)A place to visit for recylced news stories almost every day.
3)A community of hardcore nerds who like star trek and anime, and who visit urban
"I saw some forum post about a nissan skyline on Oh-Cow"
"I saw a forum post about a parking ticket on Oh-Cow"
"I saw a post about pronouncing OCAU as Oh-Cow on Oh-Cow"
by McNugget February 15, 2005
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