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An Internet phenomenon consisting of stomach fat photos in which the subject, using both hands, forms an "O" shape connecting thumb-to-thumb, and index-to-index fingers. The subject then proceeds to squash their "gut fat" into an extruded "O" shape of stomach fat using their "O" hands.
Dude, she sent me a "touch the donut" photo! It was an awesomely nasty happy trail mixed with belly pudge!
by Darren Y June 12, 2009
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Two people producing puckering sounds with their lips (similar to the blades of a helicopter) as they move closer together with increased puckering speed until -- SMOOCH! The helicopters collide!
Brad: muah ...... muah
Angelina: muah ...... muah
Brad: muah ... muah
Angelina: muah ... muah
Brad: muah, muah
Angelina: muah, muah
Brangelina: smooch! Great helicopter kiss!
Observers: puke!
by Darren Y July 28, 2010
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A person or group or people dancing in such an uncontrollable way that their bodies look as if they wiggle or convulse. This typically happens during rock or heavy metal concerts by skinny-bodied, emo-kid patrons with hats.
"Dude WTH Conor, there were hella wigglies at the concert last night taking over the mosh pit."
by Darren Y September 12, 2007
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