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The act of chopping up shrooms with cocaine, then snorting said mixture.

Results in the same post-nasal drip, but with one of the most horrible tastes an angry God can provide.

Mentioned on Doug Stanhope's CD "From Across the Street"
For the best example about mocaine, listen to the CD listed above.
by DarkenPsycho December 15, 2009
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Verb - Passive Tense

(Note: The active tense version of this is simply Office Space)

Used when someone destroys a piece of (usually outdated) technology for reasons of utter frustrations of trying to get said piece of technology to work.

Made famous in the movie Office Space where three main characters from the movie take their printer, which would constantly display "paper jam" when none could be found, constantly roll paper back and forth between rollers, and display the infamous command PC LOAD LETTER, into an empty field and proceeded to break said printer to pieces with baseball bats.
That scanner was nothing but trouble, so I want and Office Space'd it.
by DarkenPsycho December 15, 2009
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