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The act of suffocation through the muzzling of a pillow until the victim falls unconscious or dead.
Woman 1: Did you hear what happened recently.
Woman 2: I don't follow the news.
Woman 1: Some stupid bitch killed her child with the Sandman.
by DarkShiiiiieeeet June 9, 2018
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Imagine an app that was like IFunny, but even worse than that piece of shit by 3 times and make its lands more wild and untamable. Remember earrape or that one meme that came out 2 years ago. It's now on someone's "Meme Page" all cropped up with low quality and a caption on the top going "LMAO WHO DID THIS!!!! 😂😂😂".

Basically you have an already shit app your sibling's niece talks about to be an Instahoe. The meme pages are all the same saying a meme slang with a .meme, jpg, etc. Is it original, no you dumb fuck it's all made by 11-16 year olds trying to act like they are hilarious and gets pissed at anyone who says elsewise by attempting to assert his MANLY DOMINANCE!!!
Scum (Really white btw): Hey there my girl what's good.

Girl: Hey how's it going?
Girl (Thinking): Oh fuck, not again with this shit.

Scum: Wanna see my new instagram meme nigga?

Girl: Sure!

*Unessacary earrape meme*

Girl: Listen I can't so this, just fuck you!
by DarkShiiiiieeeet July 6, 2018
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