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Derived from "finocchio" or fennel, a derogatory term for homsexual or gay, i.e., people that wiseguys feel nervous around.

Can also be spelled Fanook.

Mario is a fudge packing finook.

Vito Spatafore, played by Joe Gannascoli, on the Sopranos is called a finook by the rest of the mob.
by Darclyte May 03, 2006

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After stuffing yourself on Thanksgiving, you take a massive shit that's a big as a baby and feels like you're giving birth when you shit it out.
Oh man, I just had my Thanksgiving Baby and now I feel ready for some more pumpkin pie.
by darclyte March 21, 2010

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Fat Ugly Bitch also Fucking Ugly Bitch

1) A woman who hit the trifecta by being an asshole,
ugly and overweight.

2) A woman who is both an asshole and
who is so fucking hideously ugly that
looking at her makes your eyes hurt.
Roseanne and Rosie O'Donnell are unattractive
fat women who are also known to be real assholes.
They're the inspiration to FUBs everywhere that they
too can be fat, ugly, act like bitches, treat guys
like crap and yet still get rich and famous...
Thanks for nothing you FUBs!

I wanted to poke my eyes out with a
sharp and hot object after seeing that
FUB staring out at me from my office
by Darclyte August 03, 2006

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When someone botches something so completely and terribly, that it can only be compared to Heidi Montag's abysmally poorly lip synced, poorly danced, total failure of a Britney rip off performance at the 2009 Miss Universe pageant.
"She totally Montagged that presentation." or "That attempt was completely Montagged."
by darclyte August 25, 2009

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A gay man or woman who has sexual play with someone of the opposite sex under certain circumstances thereby making them a "homo" who is "flexible." Not "bi" where they actively are interested in both sexes, but a person who is normally 100% gay who engages in sex or some sort of sexual encounter with someone of the opposite sex for various reasons such as in exchange for something, circumstantial timing, for fun, or out of boredom.
A Homo Flexible could be submissive lesbian who has a male dom, or a twink with a female dom. A Homo Flexible could be a gay man or a lesbian who sleeps with or masturbates an opposite sex friend out of pity or to console them. Needing sexual release, a Homo Flexible could be a gay or lesbian who grabs the first willing person to "take care of their need" even if the person is of the opposite sex.
by darclyte May 13, 2010

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Fat Ugly Pig also Fucking Ugly Pig

1) Someone who has been cursed with both a lack of good looks as well as being over weight.

2) Someone who is so hideously ugly that looking at them makes your eyes hurt.
"Beulah Balbricker" from Porkys and the "Momma" from Throw Momma From the Train are 2 famous people/movie characters who were FUPs.

I wanted to poke my eyes out with a sharp and hot object after seeing that FUP wearing a tiny bikini at the beach.
by Darclyte July 20, 2006

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