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MADtv is a sketch comedy show on FOX. The show started in 1995, and is currently on it's 10th season. It is fast paced, wild and crazy humor, lots of fun and funny cast members.
The cast members write most of their sketches which is very cool. They have reccuring characters, they parodie music vieos, impersonate celebrities, and just fool around with the cast members and stuff!
Shot in Hollywood, CA. Tickets are FREE. Live tapings occur ever other Friday.
The MADtv DVDs some out sometime in September of 2004.
Stuart: Linda? Linda? Linda? Linda? Linnnnndaaaaaaaa... Linda?

Linda: Yes yes, *annoyed sigh* what is it Stuart

Stuart: ...Look what I can do!

(Stuart jumps and dances around)

Linda: You know what, you know what Stuart look what I can do

(Linda jumps around, mocking Stuart)

Linda: See that is not that hard, that is not a good trick!

Stuart: You're ugly
by Dani-MADtvFan June 24, 2004

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The best and funniest impressions EVER. He is exellent at improv and impressions. Frank used to be on a WB show called "Hype", he has been on many talk show radio stations, he has toured doing stand-up (no to mention his own special on Comedy Central), and is now a MADtv castmember!
This guy just makes you laugh,,, wherever he is, whatever he's doing. F.C. is da man.
As John Madden: Now h-here-he-he-heres-he-heres a guy who who when he puts his contacts on he can see better.

Seinfeld on Drugs: My fingers, they're little people! Theres little people on my fingers!

by Dani-MADtvfan August 05, 2004

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meaning to read a lame definition like you are doing just now and like I have done earlier.
I looked up fgf on urbandicionary.com and some dude "Billy Bong Thorton" had a definition there. Whoa! I have way too much time on my hands...
by Dani-MADtvFan June 24, 2004

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A person who makes tons of ballots. Usually funny or random ballots, but at times can be serious and thouhtfull too. Always quality ballots.
What if everbody in Japan jumped up all at the same time?
by Dani-MADtvFan June 24, 2004

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