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Rembrandt, Dutch Renaissance artist cir. 1600 known for his usage of light and shading, was a sexy piece of ass.
'Look at the shading on /that/ ass, yo'

'fo real'
by Dane April 16, 2005
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A dirty nigger, worse than all niggers. Makes a porch monkey look like god. Utterly humiliating to be looked upon as a boobla in society. Once called this great word given as a gift from god, you should kill yourself. Boobla=Dirty smeared nigger shit who shouldn't breath air.
Fuck you boobla, go kill youself and do the world a favor.
by Dane June 22, 2004
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Super awsome boots that warm for feet and are ULTRA comfortable
"Hey dude check out my Puss in boots"
by Dane October 05, 2004
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see: punani,pussy,vagina etc.
i put my chopstick in her rice bowl
by dane January 10, 2004
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Someone whose entire wardrobe is made up of the Following
1. Ralph Lauren polo shirts (of various colour)
2.long slevved checked shirts
3. Plain Blue Denim Jeans
4. RM William leather boots
5. Deck Shoes
6. Several Ralph Lauren caps.

They are normally from the country and have moved to the city for Uni/College and consider themselves to be superstylin'.
Those Ralphs have a deranged view of fashion.
by Dane January 05, 2005
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Thug ass motherfuckers who like to kill nukkas.
Thug ass motherfuckers who like to kill nukkas!
by Dane March 29, 2005
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A derogatory term used to define a Caucasian person (typically male), as semen is also white.
"Shut the fuck up, cock sauce!"
by Dane September 09, 2004
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