32 definition by Damn Damn Danno

A term for a stupid competition, usually where one thinks has it better than the other one.

The origin of the expression is from the French "Guerre de pénis", where guys would actually compare their dicks to eachother, usually one saying one has a bigger one than the other. It could also be of Roman origin, when it used to be an honor pissing alongside with someone of higher authority.

Usually dick heads are engaged in penis wars. Real men don't even engage in such stupid arguments.
Look at the penis wars going on... all about who's got a bigger stick shift on their trucks...
by Damn Damn Danno October 03, 2005

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The act of murdering sperm.

You can committ jizzocide when you use spermicidal barriers or alas, when you wack off and you let the sperm dry out.
Rianne is committing jizzocide.
by damn damn danno October 26, 2006

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Fuckinese: A language understood by no-one, usally spoken by aliens or immigrants. It's a synonym for Jibberonese or Jibberish.
Turbanite : Bla bla bla bla
by damn damn danno October 01, 2006

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A know-it-all Daffy Duck trucker who tries to impress dispatch who just laugh at him or her.

They usually have tons of speeding tickets and almost wiped out families.
Ross is a super-trucker.
by Damn Damn Danno October 19, 2006

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A barbie-q (or BBQ) is essentially the act of taking your younger sister's Barbie Tramp Dolls and roast it slowly like a fucking turkey on a fucking roaster.

Often it will emanate some phenylketamines and other cancer-causing chemicals.
Danno: Wanna join my Barbie-Q?
Suzie: Sure! Why not!
Danno: Allrighty then!

MARIANNE: STOP BARBIE-Qing my daughter's Barbie doll!
by damn damn danno October 01, 2006

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An island near the Isle of Man, where all of men's fantasies come true and alive.

I wish I was living in Lesbia...

Lesbians are inhabitants of Lesbia.
by Damn Damn Danno October 07, 2005

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Some little community that lies in the crack between North Bay Ontario and Sudbury Ontario.

The chief industries there are growing pot, and masturbating chickens.

Legend has that Markstay was named after some woman who cried for her ex-boyfriend to stay. Hence the name MARK STAY!
Rianne yelled out Mark Say! Therefore Markstay's name was given.

Markstay can kick St Charle's ass anytime
by Damn Damn Danno December 07, 2006

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