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The poopy dribble that runs down the leg of the futtbuckee! Usually described as "a brown, almost shit kinda liquid"

Poopadoop occurs when a forced fecal excretion, during anal sex, causes a liquid or slurry defication to force it's way through air gaps between the penis and rectum wall of the futtbuckee!
Todd licked off the Poopadoop from Tina's thigh after he fiercely futtbucked her.

After I futtbucked my cousin the Poopadoop had to be washed off my pecker!
by Damian Bunny March 30, 2008

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Your dirty, brown shithole, You too ladies!
Maria held her dirty poop-exit open for me because I can't get enough of that smell.

Candice and Penelope both like to open their poop-exits for each other so they can sniff them.
by damian bunny May 09, 2008

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This occurs when one has to poop so bad the tip of his/her log is sticking out and has to be sucked back in repetatively.
Hey, can you pull over into this rest stop? I have to shit so bad I'm brown-tippin'!
by Damian Bunny February 11, 2009

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