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The small yet numerous particles of urine that are reflected back at you when you pee into a urinal/toilet bowl. This phenomena usually happens when too much force is exerted when trying to force the urine out, causing the pee to have such a high velocity that when it strikes the surface (either water or porcelian) it instantly atomizes and reflects back toward the direction where it originated from.
There's all this pissback on the floor by your toilet man, clean that up.
by Daddie March 19, 2007

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A combination of "Blah" and "Broseph." Another term for "That sucks, bro."
"Yo, I just found out my girl has been cheating on me for the past 2 months."

by Daddie December 17, 2006

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A nickname for a female (or male, if you're into that) that is prone to giving a lot of blowjobs. They also tend to be coaxed into giving blowjobs with relative ease.
When Dana goes out with all her girlfriends with significant others, she tends to get kinda windy after a couple drinks.
by Daddie February 01, 2007

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