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When someone purges 1000 text in discord and everyone else gets so annoyed from it.
Person 1: Hey, do you have skype?
Person 2: Yes, why?
Sesuirod person: .purge 1000
Person 1: Fuck, I forgot what we were talking about because this bitch sesuirod.
Person 2: Me too.. 😠
by DQCTOR November 06, 2017

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Our true god, lord and saviour. All other gods are lies.
Gabe Newell's gifts upon us is a steam sale.
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by DQCTOR October 12, 2018

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Someone who uses "XD" when something normal is said and is not funny.
Person: damn
annobit: xD
Person: what an annobit
by DQCTOR November 03, 2017

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Someone who is rude.
sesuiro: you're gay
person: sesuiro
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by DQCTOR August 22, 2017

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