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word used instead of an answer in a class
teacher: james what is 7x8
me: shlime!
by DP March 30, 2005

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A popular woman's name which attracted dozens of interesting complimentary submissions to the UD and dozens and dozens of derogatory insults to unsuspecting women and girls who share the name. UD editors have decided to stop further definitions for Cerise.
No more definitions for Cerise will be added to the Urban Dictionary because too many UD contributors decided to use the site to angrily insult women and girls with the name.
by dp September 24, 2003

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Vanessa Anderson
by DP November 07, 2003

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A young turkish man who enjoys cruising in his BMW and driving on the opposite side of the road. He is alluded to believe poeple like him, however this is far from true. They simply use him to get into his Prom After Parties (which are good if you avoid seeing him all night).
My name is Behrad and I'm a waste!
by DP April 23, 2005

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highly successful Puerto Rican American who has learned to hire people who can keep her image in the media far beyond the level her talent would otherwise suggest.
Jennifer Lopez was on tv tonight on six different stations just because her marriage is on again/off again/on again/off again. Should we really care so much about celebrities. They are just like us, only rich beyond our wildest imaginations.
by dp September 21, 2003

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