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1 divine happiness
2 a band that gives me jus that
Sublime just makes me dance!!!!!

they FUCKIN ROCK*******
by Donna October 28, 2003
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used to describe someone, something that is super sexy. its a cuter way of saying sexy.
he is absolutely smexy
by donna February 19, 2005
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a hybrid between a fender Mustang and a fender Jaguar

its daddy is Kurt Cobain!!!!
it could rock me all night if it wasn't close to thousand $$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!
by Donna October 27, 2003
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the koolest and best hobbit alive
Samwise really saved the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Donna October 27, 2003
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A newtown originally intended as a reservation for Brummies.Very little goes on here.
There's fuck all to do in Redditch on a Friday night.
by donna March 19, 2004
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Shut da fuck up. Used when chattin in a chat room.
When u in the chat room and sumone talkin to and u dont wanna talk to them.

Man sdfu talkin to me.
by Donna September 27, 2004
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someone who completly obsesses over the White Stripes like enough to scare me
my sister is a candy cane child... god help me!!!!!!!!
by Donna October 27, 2003
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