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Club Spics are of the Hispanic race and attend many club, party, and social events. Always thinking they're super cool by either holding a blunt or smelling grotesquely of marijuana the club spics are usually intoxicated. They will always attempt to hit on white girls first, even if they are clearly with a guy, and when you stop them they always try to defuse the situation by telling you to relax and that they just wanted to dance (dancing to club spics though is similar to rape). There are mass numbers of these club spics in most especially south Florida attempting to get white girls pussy like flies looking for blood. They have been known to carry many disease even with the extreme lack of sexual encounters.
Guy 1: Let's get out of this club, there's way too many club spics.
Guy 2: But where are we gonna take our fine ass girls
Guy 1: Any club with a moderate cover charge, club spics can't afford to pay too much because they're losers with no real job, life, or cash.
Guy 2: That sounds way better than staying here with these arrogant club spics that are oh so cool.
by DJMAKEL March 20, 2009
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