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An insulting term with more merit than racial or homophobic slurs. The most insulting thing that anyone could ever be called.
"I can't believe this shit, this is so Beiber!"
"Dude stop being so Beiber."
"That's Beiber"
by DJ Camel March 12, 2015

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A twatterpot is someone who rages so incredibly hard that they start raging at things not related to the original cause of anger
Bob: Dude I just stomped your ass at Mortal Kombat
George: Man fuck this game! Fuck you! Fuck this I'm moving out too!
Bob: Dude don't be a twatterpot.
by DJ Camel January 09, 2013

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A Spitoon is when a vagina is so large that you could spit into it's open hole
Damn that bitch's Spitoon is so big you could loogie in it!
by DJ Camel January 14, 2013

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