11 definitions by DIM

Amazing Roommate of Dim, just shaved his head today.
"hey kofi"
"hey Dim"
by DIM September 20, 2003
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A condom, derived from "keeping out the rain" or "keepin my dick dry out of the rain"
Yo bitch that ho sure is dirty, remember your raincoat!
by DIM January 24, 2003
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spelled and pronounced as Shite, its a way to not actually say the expletive form, but indicate you were going to use it.
Shite! My hand just exploded.
by DIM November 28, 2003
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"shit" without the "r"

commonly typoed as "shit" when writing about an essay on shirts. Rresults in a bad grade.
by DIM September 24, 2003
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