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A Phrase Used To Express That AnInformer Is Giving Up Privy Information.
Detective: At Exactly 3 P.M. I Want Everyone At That Warehouse.We're Gonna Catch Them With That Shipment For Sure.

Policeman: How Can You Be So Sure?

Detective: 'Cause I've Got A Man On The Inside.
by DGringo October 1, 2009
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Refers To The Wooly Mammoth From Sesame Street. Visualize An Elephant Using His "Long Trunk" To Suck Up All Your Dope.

AKA, Moocher,Freeloader,Glutton.
"Hell Naw, You Better Not Even Ask Me Fer Shit With Your Snuffilufigus Ass!
by DGringo October 1, 2009
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Possible Cause For Microwave Sex Could Be Premature Ejaculation. AKAGetting A Quickie From A Two Hump Chump.
Gina: I Heard Lucy Broke Up With Jeff.

Beth: Why Did She Do That?

Gina: I Heard It Was Because Jeff Was Into Microwave Sex

Beth: That Sounds Kinky

Gina: Not Really. What Everyone Else Does In 30 Minutes, Jeff Does In 30 Seconds.
by DGringo October 1, 2009
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(Preludes) Butt Leach, Brown Nose.

A Person Can Become "Part Of The Machine" If After Receiving A Promotion Or Raise. They Become Obedient To The Authority Often While Having No Regard For Former Relationships.
(A.K.A.) Gone Corporate, Gone Matrix.
Damn! Whats Gotten Into Him Lately? He Treats Us Like Shit and He Thinks His Don't Stink!

Ahh He's "Part Of The Machine" Fuck'em...
by DGringo October 1, 2009
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Proper Definition Is Fellatio. AKA, Head,Hummer,Blow Job
Because While This Act Is Being Performed There Head Is Bobbing Up And Down On Your Nob.
Damn I Hope I Get Some Tonight. But I'd Settle For Some Nobbin Bobbin
by DGringo October 1, 2009
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John: Dude I'm Irasian.

Joe:What the hell Is that? I Though You Were Chinese ?

John: No My Dad Is Irish And My Mom Is Vietnamese. They Met during The Vietnam War.
by DGringo October 1, 2009
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Meaning ; I want It All, I'll take It All, I'll Take Everything.

Origin ; It's A Construction Term Used When Receiving A Delivery From A Cement Truck. Cement Trucks Used To Carry A Maximum Load Of Nine Yards Of Cement.
Truck Driver: How Much You Want Today Joe?

Joe: "Gimme The Whole Nine Yards"
by DGringo October 1, 2009
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