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A private all girl party attended by bi/les curious females for sexual experimentation (i.e. an all girl orgy). Pussy parties are usually small and involve close circles of friends, but can sometimes be much bigger if they involve larger social networks (i.e. sororities). Pussy parties occur among girls/women of all ages. Pussy parties are private functions that have an air of secrecy about them. Many women who attend pussy parties deny any knowledge or involvement in them.
I heard that Kelly, Sarah, and Jenny went over to Amy's house last night for a party, but no one else was invited. Must have been a pussy party.
by DBT July 29, 2006

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A person who claims to be bisexual, but only because it is hip or chic to be so. More common among women than men. Most bi-chic girls engage in a lot of kissing/making out, fondling, etc. (especially in public), but never actually engage in cunnilingus with another woman and never actually have long term bisexual/lesbian relationships.
Kelly says she's bi, but she refuses to go to that lesbian bar and she has never actually dated another girl, all she does is make out with them when she's drunk.

She ain't bi, she's bi-chic!
by DBT September 07, 2007

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