3 definitions by DAGGERDICK69

People who say cap to just cap. Usually occur in group chats. Cap means to lie. Many be saying no cap meaning no lie to lie
This nigga in the group chat said no cap I can fly. He totally cappin for cap.
by DAGGERDICK69 June 26, 2019
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Someone who can’t use bop to show they expressions. They generally just suck. This term is very negative. Was created in Lancaster by a black dude.
by DAGGERDICK69 June 27, 2019
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When you're tongue when you kiss a girl and sometimes the girl doesn't or her lips are too small. Eating pussy or ass whatever you prefer does come with being a tongue daddy. A tonguedaddy has kissed plenty of girls. Sometimes even fucked or had oral sex. This term was heard in the movie Big Time Adolescence. Most tongue daddies are players. The term is used in Lancaster sometimes.
Lyle linked with my girl damn he is a Tonguedaddy. His tongue had to go somewhere.
by DAGGERDICK69 August 25, 2021
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