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Tries (and fails) to randomly insert edgy shock value content (often in the forms of extreme nihilism, feigned sociopathy, and all-around pisspoor attempts to look cool and brooding when he wants attention) into conversations either edgy content or he himself has no part in, or otherwise does so randomly because he feels the conversation is dead and he wants attention to be focused on him for a change.

Talks a big game and tries very hard to one-up anyone who (rightly) gives him grief for acting like an idiot, but seems to fail at it every single time because he lacks the spine and stomach to uphold or otherwise back up any of the crap he spews.

Probably does all of this in an ongoing and vain attempt to make others miserable with shock value, so as to bring them down to whatever level of misery he likely deals with. If he can successfully do this, then someone's as equally miserable as he seems to be AND he'll have the "superiority" at having brought them down there all on his own. Ergo, it all looks to be an attempt to feed into his ego so that he can feel a bit better about himself.

Would probably be a swell dude if he wasn't trying way too hard to be a Nietzsche wannabe, but he doesn't seem willing or able to examine whatever personal flaws he has in his system and overcome them despite having the exact problems explained to him on multiple occasions. Really a shame, all things considered.
Goteph is a tryhard edgelord who really needs to get it through his head that nobody's impressed or shocked at his antics.
by D9AC November 05, 2017

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