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One Pound.
I'd like a pound of nuts please.

Thats a lot of nuts!
by D. Perdsie July 31, 2006
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An act that involves pulling your collar up and over your neck. Despite looking moronic, and defeating the purpose of collared shirts (looking somewhat respectable), this has somehow become a fashion trend.
John Smith: Wow, look at that moron's collar pop.

Me: I really wish clothing companies would start writing 'douche' on the inside of collars. Maybe being labelled a douche by their own clothing whenever they pop their collars would be enough incentive for them to stop.
by D. Perdsie October 14, 2007
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A horribly idiotic and overused pseudo-catchphrase. For whatever reason, this saying has spread across North America like a terrible epidemic.
John Smith: That movie was BALLIN'!
Me: You're a fucking idiot.
by D. Perdsie October 14, 2007
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